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RiRi 💖 MAC 💄💋 prettiest packaging ever. 💕✨


    RiRi 💖 MAC 💄💋 prettiest packaging ever. 💕✨

  2. If you’re a fan of nail polishes go on hautelook! Sephora by OPI is only three dollars! Link should be in the side bar.

  3. Quick haul of the makeup I picked up during my vegas trip. I tried to do quick swatches at the end. Let me know if you want more details on these purchases! Sorry it took so long for me to post this, it’s been chilling in my drafts. Let me know what my next video/blog should be on!

    Items (in order):
    Benefit Gettin’ Cheeky! (mini trio) Retail: $17
    Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder (Shade: Radiant Light) Retail: $45
    MAC Strobe 
    Liquid Lotion Retail: $32
    MAC Lipstick Up The Amp Retail: $15
    MAC Lipstick feed the senses (limited edition) Retail: $15
    MAC Lipglass Saint Germain Retail: $15

    Half the items I got were from the CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet) so I got them at discount prices! Whooo! and if you don’t know what a CCO is, it’s basically a cosmetics outlet of various named brands at discount prices. Each CCO differs with their products you should check out if there is a location near you.

    Anyways! Leave me messages even if you don’t have a tumblr you can drop a line. I love to hear from you guys.

    Song: Fire- Big Sean

    *All purchases were with my own money (and a little something from my mama much appreciated) and the song obviously isn’t mine.

  4. Quick haul video of what I got this past weekend. I was super busy this break week and I start classes again tomorrow… I’m always busy and I always have class so I’m sorry! Let me know if you want more details on these purchases! (I left out a couple little things and a haul from bath & body works outlet, it wasn’t too exciting)

    Do you guys enjoy these quick videos? Let me know! I can do more of these rather than detailed posts. I kind of enjoy making them too.

    Trying out a new video app. I really do hope you enjoy this video. Took me multiple takes. I can’t do much editing and it crashed a lot on me so sometimes things get cut off. But it’s the best I can do for now because it lets me record a for however long I want. Let me know if you like it or have any recommendations.

    Anyways! Leave me messages about anything. Questions, recommendations, advice on how to improve, or whatever your heart desires! Even if you don’t have a tumblr feel free to drop a line. The anonymous option should be available.

    Song: Calling (Lose My Mind) ft. Ryan Tedder- Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso

    *I already have the next video waiting! It’s a quickie like this, but more focused on the makeup I hauled

  5. Omg, so sorry guys! I got caught up with finals. But I’m finally on break! Kind of… I’ve been busy working all weekend but no more actual classes for a week so look forward to more beauty blogs. I’ve gotten a lot of new stuff that I’m excited to share with you! :)

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    Summer is almost over and I know you guys might be down about it so here’s a little pick me up! I hope this makes your day a little better.

$2 Jamba 9AM-11AM this week!

I know it’s not totally beauty related but who doesn’t love to save some cash and have a pick me up?! :)

    Summer is almost over and I know you guys might be down about it so here’s a little pick me up! I hope this makes your day a little better.

    $2 Jamba 9AM-11AM this week!

    I know it’s not totally beauty related but who doesn’t love to save some cash and have a pick me up?! :)

  7. jannafbabyy:

    Tarte unboxing

    Teaser of next blog post!

  8. Ulta Haul! August 3, 2013

    Organix Hydrating macadamia oil shampoo & conditioner
    Retail: $7.99
    I’ve bought this previously. It’s okay I was kind of expecting more, but my mother enjoys it so i repurchased it. Fairly hydrating, but since my hair is so damaged and dry I prefer something more moisturizing. Overall it’s pretty good. It smells sooo good, that’s probably my highlight about this product.

    Mabelline Babylips (Electro collection)
    Retail: $3.99
    Who doesn’t love babylips! I haven’t actually tried these on my lips but when I swatched them they felt fairly hydrating. Each color has a different formula cause I felt Berry Bomb was more hydrating vs. Pink Shock. I only decided to pick up a couple from the collection. They ran out of a few colors so these were the only two I would actually wear. It comes in various colors like green, yellow, and orange. They are somewhat sheer, but for the price and a chapstick it’s pretty good pigmentation. 

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Eyeshadow Palette
    Retail: $29.00
    Contains 10 shadows matte & shimmer. It has a neutral shades and could go well for the daytime and easily be a good transfer for nighttime looks. Overall pretty pigmented. I thought it was a good price value and colors I would actually use. It contains a duo ended brush (fluffy shader & small blending) and a booklet how to recreate specific looks. Most of eyeshadows felt velvety and nothing was grainy. The shimmers were all fine and no glitter was too chunky. Although Day Rate looks to be a color I would enjoy it felt the driest and the swatch wasn’t that pigmented. Although if I applied a base I’m sure it would turn out better. Overall I think I will enjoy this palette.

    Top row: Call Back, Strut, Scout, Beauty Mark (matte), LBD (matte)
    Bottom row: Day Rate (matte), Couture, RTW, 10K, Pose

    Top: Call Back, Day Rate, Strut, Couture, Scout, RTW, Beauty Mark
    Bottom: Couture, Scout, RTW, Beauty Mark, 10K„ LBD, Pose
    (First time doing swatches! Sorry for weird photos, taken with no flash)

    benefit Stay Flawless 15- hour primer
    Retail: $32.00
    I was so excited to get this! I’ve heard so much hype over it on youtube. It feels amazing, I was skeptical because it was a stick, but it made my makeup feel amazing. I cannot comment about the 15 long wear, I only wore it for the night with some bb cream & powder but my face has never felt so soft and smooth with any other primer! I did go out to a kbbq place and slaved over a grill and felt no sweat or warmth whatsoever. My face felt smooth and makeup in tact even after our feast.

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold Brows Kit
    Retail: $36.00 (SUCH A GOOD DEAL!)
    Personally I have yet to apply or use this kit at all, but the MUA applied the powder to my brows and they looked on point! They have a wide range of colors I prefer darker brows, but they do have lighter options available. This is such a good deal! The browkit only comes in three brow powder options while there are seven colors available if you were to purchase the brow powder alone. I believe everything in the kit is to be full sized as well.

    Here are the prices if you were to buy everything individually
    Clear Brow Gel: $22.00
    Brow Powder Duo: $23.00
    Duo Brush: $18
    You save $27. I have no idea why they say this values at $72 when everything individually costs $63. Regardless it’s a steal!

    I had a 20% coupon and I redeemed my ULTA points to even get a further discount. I thought the 20% was worth it because it applied to most of their prestige products as you can see. I wasn’t planning on buying much really, then I saw all these new products and kits. In total I saved about 40 bucks.

    If you want a more in depth review or pictures of any of these products feel free to leave me a message. I hope this was helpful and you guys enjoyed this post. I’m finally back! Expect more to come I’ve done so much hauling lately and I’m going to be on vacation so hopefully I’ll have more free time.

  9. I was unable to do a post of my haul yesterday due to school stuff… ish. I was just not feeling it and waited until last minute. Hopefully I can get the post up today before I head to work… That’s if I don’t nap all afternoon lol. I only got an hours worth of sleep so I’m pretty tired and I have a five hour lecture now.

    But! I definitely wanna blog again so please stay tuned :)

  10. jannafbabyy:

    Instahaul! Woo first video!

    Pink Shock 70
    Berry Bomb 80

    Organix Macadamia Oil shampoo &conditioner

    benefit stay flawless primerbase

    Catwalk eyeshadow palette
    Bold Brows Kit

    I love coupons #retailtheraphy

    Ulta haul! Quick preview of what is to come. I’ll do a more in depth blog post tomorrow hopefully (;